7 Steps of How to Cut a Dragon fruit and its taste?

This is a short blog post on how to cut a dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is a very tasty fruit, it also has many health benefits. However, people face a lot of difficulties as to how to cut dragon fruit properly without any wastage. Below is a brief step-by-step guide on how to cut it. Before that a small introduction on “what is Dragon fruit”?

The Dragon fruit originally named pitahya, is a fruit-rich source of multinutrients. The Dragon fruit is unique in appearance that why it attracts people, the dragon fruit has scales on its outer appearance and leaves an uppward structure arising from the outer covering giving it a different look than normal fruit.

It confuses people by its appearance as does not look like fruit or can be eaten raw or not, but this uniquely shaped originally Pitahya called is a raw edible fruit. The overcovering of Dragon fruit is slightly hard, we have to cut it with a knife, but the inner part is pulpy juices and fascinating in pigmentation. The reason that makes Dragon fruit expensive and more popular is its beneficial properties, taste, curious appearance, and seasonal harvesting.

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How to cut a Dragon fruit?

The Dragon fruit is a fruit with rich nutritional values, nowadays very popular for antioxidant properties, and beneficial for cancer patients, having vitamin C which helps in immunity boosting.

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The cutting of Dragon fruit is normally done as we do with other fruit, with the simple step-by-step guide.

Step 1 Choosing a good ripe dragon fruit

Choosing a good ripe dragon fruit without any disease or blemish, because ripe dragon fruit is good to cut, tastes delicious, and has all nutrients. Unripe dragon fruit may be tasteless, so always choose the fully ripe fruit.

good ripe dragon fruit

Step 2 Washing the dragon fruit

Washing, the dragon fruit should be washed before eating or cutting, and washing also flows out the dirt stuck in the fruit. Washing of fruit is necessary because farmers often use insecticides or pesticides to protect their fruits from diseases. And by washing with clean water other harmful organisms which are there are gone.

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fruit water

Step 3 Drying of Dragon fruit

Drying, sometimes the water on the surface of the fruit makes it slippery to cut and may harm you. You can dry the fruit with tissue paper or by keeping it in the open air for some time so that it is easy to hold, otherwise, it may slip out of your hands at the time of cutting.

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Step 4 Place the dragon fruit in a solid base

Place the dragon fruit in a solid base like chopping wood or any solid base you use for cutting. By placing it on a solid surface, you will not have to apply much effort to cut dragon fruit and it will be cut in a proper shape. We can cut the fruit on wooden boards, chop boards, and hard solid surfaces as per availability.

place the dragon fruit in a solid base

Step 5 Cut the dragon fruit from the middle

Cut the dragon fruit from the middle into two halves, it makes it easy to see any insect insertion into the fruit. By cutting the fruit into two parts you can easily see whether the fruit is healthy or disease-free. If there is any disease in the fruit then it will appear on the cutting surface of the fruit.

How to cut a Dragon fruit?

Step 6 Peel the outer hard layer

Now peel the outer hard layer of the half-cut dragon fruit, peel it gently, hard peeling may squeeze out the inner eatable part of the dragon fruit. Peeling is easy in fully ripped dragon fruit. After cutting the fruit into two parts, you can easily remove its peel. The inner part of the fruit after peel is very soft and juicy.

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how to cut dragon fruit peel 1697383868

Step 8 Cutting and shaping

Shaping, cut the peeled part into square, or thin slices as you wish to give shape and serve or enjoy eating delicious sweet, full of nutritional valued dragon fruit. You can cut this fruit in any shape like slices, cubes, rounds, etc.

how to cut dragon fruit

What does Dragon fruit taste like?

What does Dragon fruit taste like?

The dragon fruit taste differs according to the variety of dragon fruit, most common dragon fruit available in the market are dragon fruit with white pulp and dragon fruit with a purple color. The white pulped dragon fruit is less sweater and has very little sourness in it,  it is helpful to diabetic patients.

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The bright purple dragon fruit is sweeter and very minute sourness in it. The fresh dragon fruit is more delicious in flavor than the stored one. Sometimes the dragon fruit is harvested early as when it is not fully prepared or riped this is done to prevent excess ripping of dragon fruit to transport it to market.

Dragon fruit ripe in its unnatural state makes it less sweet. The fully grown ripped harvesting of dragon fruits tastes sweet and delicious with little taste of sourness, and some varieties are hybrid as they taste sweeter no sourness is there in them.

Every person has their own experience of taste, some people feel its sweeter taste and some people also experience no taste or feel no taste of fruit, it all depends on the variety of Dragon fruit that we are eating, the harvesting method, the proper sunny environment and person own taste perception, expectations, and experience with the taste of Dragon fruit.

The dragon fruit has juicy pulp and melts down easily in the mouth. It has a very smooth texture, and the bright purple Dragon fruit has a high amount of purple pigment, sometimes it can make tounge look purple after eating.

Ways to enjoy dragon fruit

  • After cutting dragon fruit into slices, cubes, and round shapes, we can add it to a green salad.
  • You can Add dragon fruit cut pieces to cereal, yogurt bowls, or oatmeal in your breakfast.
  • You can use dragon fruit as a tropical fruit drink.
  • Mix it into a fruit salad for a light dessert which can also help to reduce weight.
  • Enjoy the dragon fruit directly up right out of the peel. Sometimes this is the best
  • We can Blend the white or pink peeled-off pieces of dragon fruit into a smoothie
  • Place sliced or round-shaped dragon fruit on top of an acai bowl after peeling the outer layer.

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