Vegetative buds and flower buds Difference between Vegetative Bud and Fruit Bud

Vegetative buds and flower buds

Before moving to the main topic “Vegetative buds and flower buds” we should have a short idea about What are buds. A bud is formed of continuously dividing tissue called meristematic tissue, these tissues are found in branches, stems, and tips of plants. this tissue helps in the growth of plants, the bud is also … Read more

Peach tree pollination | How to pollinate a peach tree

Peach tree pollination

we’re going to talk about Peach tree pollination and how peach trees get pollinated. Peach trees are such a joy to have on your property because they give you fruit and they’re beautiful plants. And there are lots of different qualities that they have that are different from each other. For example, apple trees do … Read more

The Ultimate Kiwi Plant Growing Guide: Top Questions Answered

The Ultimate Kiwi Plant Growing Guide

How to grow kiwi plant ?/how to plant kiwi fruit in India To grow a kiwi plant firstly choose a well-grafted variety of kiwi fruit plants or you can grow kiwi from seed too. Variety is either male, female, or self-pollination. For 8-9 female plants required 1 male plant that helps in pollination. You can … Read more

Apple bud stages : From bud to fruit Set

Apple bud stages

Farmer friends, the apple bud stages are considered to be in 12 stages till the fruit is set. We will briefly discuss the stages from bud to fruit set with photos so that you can get an idea. Dormant stage The first stage is called the dormant stage. After autumn, the dormancy period starts, in … Read more

Kiwi fruit pollination & How are kiwi fruits pollinated ?

kiwi fruit pollination

Today we are going to talk about the importance of Kiwi fruit pollination and the importance of Pollination in Kiwi fruit production. So we know that the kiwi fruit plant is either male or female. That is why when we are planning to plant a kiwifruit orchard, it is important to plant one male plant … Read more

What is Lateral Bark Grafting & How to do a Lateral Bark Grafting

Lateral bark grafting

Lateral bark grafting is quite useful when you need to graft rootstocks and scions that have very different diameters. This technique places the scion wood under the rootstock bark, so the rootstock can’t be dormant as the bark needs to be slipping so you can open it easily. This means the technique should be used … Read more

What is root rot: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Root rot

Today we’re going to talk all about root rot, what it is, and how to spot it. I am also going to show you how to remove it and how to prevent it. so what exactly is root rot well root rot is a pretty common disease found in both indoor and outdoor plants. This … Read more

Self-pollination: Type, Advantages and Disadvantages


Before knowing about self-pollination, we will have to read a little about pollination so that the concept of self-pollination will be clear. You can jump directly to your topic through the table of contents. Introduction to Pollination Flowers, Hey friends what comes to your mind when you think of flowers would it be the fragrance … Read more

How To Prune Fruit Trees | Why do we prune fruit trees?

How To Prune Fruit Trees

Today we will discuss about How To Prune Fruit Trees in a short blog . Pruning a fruit tree is one of the most difficult things for new gardeners to do because it just seems so difficult to chop up our precious babies like that but I’m here to tell you that proper pruning does … Read more

How to grow Blueberries Plants from Bought Blueberries

How to grow Blueberries Plants

In today’s Blog, I’m going to be showing you how to grow Blueberries Plants that you can get at the grocery store, in two super easy ways, depending on which one we’re using. we’re going to get more seeds to germinate than the other way. Blueberries are not only delicious but also rich in nutrients … Read more

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