Yellow Dragon Fruit: History, Type, Uses, Propagation

Yellow dragon fruit is one of the most popular fruits, and it generally has an oval to elliptical shape. This fruit contains small to medium-sized species, and they are 8 to 10 centimeters in length and 6 to 7 centimeters in diameter. If you compare this yellow dragon fruit with another red and pink dragon, it’s always smaller. The size of the dragon fruits depends on growing conditions and cultivation regions.

Yellow dragon fruit skin is very thick and semi-smooth as well. When the fruit is small in size, the color is green, but after it ripens, it becomes green to golden yellow! Yellow dragon fruit has a very juicy content, and it includes many tiny black seeds. People can find this fruit worldwide year-round with varying peak seasons. 

Yellow Dragon fruit is a tropical species, and it belongs to the Cactaceae family. This fruit tree is also known as Hylocereus Megalanthus. There are different types of dragon fruits available in the market, but the yellow dragon is always rare. But due to its sweet nature, nowadays, cultivars prefer to cultivate It in large quantities.

History of the Yellow Dragon Fruits

These fruits are mainly native to Central America, Mexico, and northern regions. In Asia, people who have money can afford this fruit. China, Thailand, and Vietnam mainly export such fruits all over the world. But a few more countries are also involved in cultivating such fruits

Different types of dragon fruits

Yellow Dragon Fruits

Dragon fruits are one of the best fruits in the world. There are different types of dragon fruits available in the market. You may choose any dragon fruit as per your need. Dragon fruit flesh can range from white, pink, yellow, and hot pink dragon fruits. Based on the flesh color, humans can identify its flavors. For example, white dragon fruit has a mild taste, and dark flesh can be sweet or juicy.

There are majorly three types of dragon fruits available in the market. And you can subdivide their taste and details to make different variations. There are many malls and local shops where people find different types of dragon fruits.

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White dragon fruits

White dragon fruits

This type of dragon fruit is also known as selenicereus undated. The color of this dragon fruit is white in the flesh, and it has pink skin. This is the most widely grown dragon fruit worldwide. The size of this type of dragon fruit is up to 1.5 pounds. The taste of this type of dragon fruit is semi-sweet.

Yellow dragon fruits

This type of dragon fruit is also known as Hylocereus Megalanthus. They are yellow-skinned flesh and are mainly found in South America. The taste is sweet, and it also has one variety. There are different types of yellow dragon fruits available in the market.

For people who are interested in cultivating yellow dragon fruits, this article is always helpful. There are popular varieties of Ecuador yellow dragon fruits, which is the sweet version. Many people love the sweet version of dragon fruits. For them, this variety is the best option. It’s always better to pick the dragon fruit when it’s ripe.

Pink dragon fruits

Pink dragon fruits

This is another type of dragon fruit, which looks red but has pink flesh. It is edible flesh, which is very soft and hot pink. This type of dragon fruit can be cultivated in any soil and climate. There are different types of pink dragon fruits available in the market.

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Ways to enjoy yellow dragon fruit in recipes

yellow dragon fruit

Yellow dragon fruit is trendy and sweet. If you choose 100-gram dragon fruit, then within that, 60 calories, you will have 60 calories. If you are planning to make raw and cooked preparations using these yellow dragon fruits, then there are several ways but before that read more about How to Cut a Dragon fruit

  • Many people love to eat chilled dragon fruits.
  • You can also use yellow dragon fruit flesh in the smoothies.
  • You can make vegetable salads and use dragon fruit fleshes within that! You can also keep dragon fruit fleshes in an air-tight container and keep it for 1-3 days.
  • You can make different types of recipes using yellow dragon fruits like green ginger garden fruit smoothie bowl.
  • Frozen pineapple dragon fruit margaritas. It’s healthy and always good for the help. Yellow dragon fruit is good for health, and it does not create any negative impact.
  • You can remove skin and make sliced flesh! People may use this fruit in their salad, or they can eat this fruit without skin.
  • The flesh of yellow dragon fruits can be used in cake, pudding, jam, and pies, and frozen into sorbet or granita.

Climate Requirements for Cultivating Yellow Dragon Fruits

Proper Sunlight and water needs

Yellow dragon fruits can grow easily in USDA zones 9 through 11 and below 800 meters at altitude. These types of fruits are cultivated in a dry environment. This is considered drought tolerant. Yellow dragon fruit trees can live in harsh conditions because they have fewer leaves and waxy surfaces and they open their tissues at night time to enable CO2. 

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If the temperature rises more than 40 degrees then it can damage the dragon trees. These types of trees always need to be cultivated outside of the house or garden because they need good sun exposure.

Dragon fruit trees do not need a specific soil type. Whether you have less fertilized soil or high, it can grow smoothly If it gets minimum resources. The main advantage of cultivating yellow dragon fruits in your garden is that this plant can survive in poor soil conditions and temperatures as well.

How to grow Yellow Dragon Fruit

Yellow Dragon Fruit

You can grow yellow Dragon fruit easily from seed or cuttings. To grow a yellow dragon fruit plant from seed, squash some flesh onto a paper towel and keep moist in a warm position but away from direct sunlight. Seeds will grow 2-3 weeks after and can be potted up into punnets. Water regularly to develop strong seedlings and pot into individual pots or into farms once large enough. Seedlings will take 2-3 years to reach fruiting size.

Well, from cutting dragon fruit trees are very easy to propagate. You need to trim the end and plop it in the soil. But there are some points you have to consider while doing such a thing…

First, trim the end

You have to cut one of the narrow points along with the segment. You will find yellow dragon fruits that have a woody end. You have to make more surface so you have to cut the end off along with the tender part of that plant.

Make ready your pots and farm

Dragon fruit trees require OL potting soil type. You can add in the pot, but if you have any type of sandy loam potting soil that will also be helpful. 

You have to make a hole in the middle of the pot and dig it 2 to 3 inches deep. Now, you need to backfill the soil and compress it carefully.

Now, you need to put water properly to moisten the soil. Always remember as they are cactus plants, they don’t need much water.

But never forget they may have trouble growing and blooming if they are not receiving enough sunshine. Make sure they get six to eight hours a day in direct sunlight. If required, think about relocating them to a more sunny area or adding more artificial grow lights.

Pruning and trellising techniques for yellow Dragon fruits

After planting the dragon fruit, trim the main stem, which helps to increase proper branching. You have to set up a suitable sturdy trellis near the plant to facilitate growth. Sometimes, you have to support the structure using soft ties and twine.

You have to allow lateral branches to develop and regularly trim excess branches. You have to constantly prune and train throughout the plant’s life to get maximum fruits.

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Flowering cycle and pollination

If you are planning to cultivate dragon fruits, then before that, you should know about the life cycle of dragon fruits! Dragon fruits mainly include four main stages. First is seedling, then vegetative, reproductive, and dormant. The first step, seedling, lasts six months.

During this stage, the yellow dragon fruit plant develops its roots, leaves, and stems. The second step is vegetative, which mainly lasts 2-3 years. During this time, the dragon fruit plants grow and branch out.

The third stage is the reproductive stage. This stage lasts 4 to 6 months. During this situation, the yellow dragon plant starts flowering and fruits.

The last stage is a dormant stage, which mainly lasts 2 to 3 months. During this situation, the plant begins to rest and prepares for the next fruit cycle.

Why are Fertilization and pest control strategies needed?

Nonetheless, the majority of specialists concur that a balanced fertilizer, such as 16-16-16 (fertilizer is a balanced mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) or 13-13-13 ( balanced NPK ratio ), is a beautiful option for your dragon fruit. Fertilizer granules or fertilizer applied via an irrigation system are two possibilities. Fertilizer with a slow release is another choice.

As per the present record, the demand and production of yellow dragon fruit is increasing widely. More and more hectares are cultivated throughout the year. But during cultivation, some problem arises. Due to pest problems, it can cause severe damage during your cultivation.

So, protection is always important. If any farmer or grower is left uncontrolled during the cultivation of yellow dragon fruits, insects can cause severe damage, and for that reason, post-harvest disinfection is essential. Mainly, after heavy rain, you can find insects within dragon fruits. There are many female insects available that lay eggs in the fruit skin.

Common diseases and Pests of yellow dragon fruit


In dry climates, the diseases are fewer but plants can damaged by intense light. Plants can be damaged by the intense water resulting in root rot caused by several fungi. Several diseases and pests are mentioned below which can affect the yellow dragon fruit plant and fruit.

  • Caterpillars
  • mealybugs, Mites, and other sap suckers 
  • Cactus virus X
  • Fungal diseases like Dothiorella (Botryosphaeria), Anthracnose (Colletotrichum), Fusarium, Alternaria, and Phytophthora.
  • Stem/root rot
  • Soft Rots cause by Erwinia caratovora
  • Bipolaris Fruit Rot

Factors Affecting Fruit Yield

Factors that influence flower development in yellow dragon fruits.

The weather is significant. Dragon fruit flowers never like cold weather or dry weather. During cold or dry weather, they won’t be able to create good fruit quality. If you need good yellow dragon fruits, then you have to maintain its flowers properly.

Flowers are only able to grow when they get enough good food. Also, maintenance is essential if you are planning to get healthy yellow dragon fruits. Cutting unnecessary brush of plants, terrible parts make the plant take better. And if you miss the plant correctly, it will also help to get more water to the flowers.

Harvesting techniques and timing

You have to harvest the yellow dragon fruit plant properly. There are some points you have always to consider while maintaining your plants. Check always plant buds. Observe the flowers properly. It would help if you chose pollination techniques to make flowers healthier.

Pollen is the yellow dust that comes from the male part of the flowers. Male pollen has to get to the female part of the flower.

Natural pollination is also possible. Without humans getting involved, it’s possible. With the help of wild pollinators like moths, bats, and bees, they visit flowers at night and move pollen from male to female, and this kind of pollination is always safe, easy, and cost-effective.

Nutritional benefits of yellow dragon fruit

yellow dragon fruit

This fruit is a source of magnesium, which helps to control optimal nerve functioning. It also includes phosphorus, which helps to repair tissues. And this also provides potassium to balance fluid levels within the human body!

This fruit also has sufficient vitamin and calcium sources, which help to build strong teeth and bones and improve body immunity power.

This fruit includes many seeds that contain fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, and both help to reduce digestive problems and inflammation.

Yellow dragon fruit is constantly enriched with vitamin C and other antioxidants, which always create a good impact on our bodies. If you take this fruit, then it will always boost your iron level in the body. It also increases energy levels in the body.

If you consume yellow dragon fruits every day, you will get several antioxidants. It also helps to boost immunity power in the body. It helps to fight inflammation and improve body metabolism constantly.

There are lots of people who love to take dragon fruits for their health.

Yellow dragon fruit side effect

Yellow dragon fruit, except its yellow-skinned part, is generally safe to consume for most people when eaten in limitation. It is important to note that too much intake of yellow dragon fruit is not healthy, and its skin is poisonous don’t eat the skin . Some people feel side effect after excess amount

  • As with any fruit, there’s a chance of pesticides present on the skin of dragon fruit, especially if the fruit is not organically grown. Washing the fruit with fresh and clean water thoroughly before eating can help reduce the risk
  • Like many other fruits and vegetables, yellow dragon fruit contains oxalates, which are compounds that can help to the formation of kidney stones in susceptible individuals if you eat regularly.
  • Some people feel Allergic reactions. How to grow Blueberries Plants from Bought Blueberries
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Headaches

The demand for yellow dragon fruits in the USA is always very high. Here, people always prefer more healthy products. Due to different variations and good nutritional properties, the demand for dragon fruits in the market is always high.

There are some segments like food and beverages and pharmaceuticals where the demand for dragon fruits is very high. Some top companies like Miami Fruits, moFruits moorland Produceopicals Tropicals, play, ng with Dragon Fruits Dragon Fruitsket.

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Economic potential for cultivation

Presently, a report shows that in the USA, the demand is always higher for the dragon fruit market than supply. This creates an opportunity for farmers in the USA to cultivate more yellow dragon fruits and earn profits. The Dragon fruit market size in the USA will be $14.73 billion in 2024. By 2029, it will reach USD 18.27.

The growing CAGR will be 4.40%. If you want to cultivate dragon fruits in the USA, then for the first year, you have to invest 6024 dollars! And then after that, the price will gradually decrease. The sales of this type of dragon fruit are increasing day by day.

Not only in the USA but ASIA and other countries are also demanding this fruit. There are many countries like China, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam they are preferring these fruits for their visitors and tourists. So, the demand for yellow and other types of dragon fruits is increasing here.

Due to this growing demand, many countries are expanding their trade chains and exporting fruits to other countries.

Environmental and Ecological Impact

Yellow dragon fruits can be planted at any temperature from 20 degrees to 40 degrees as well. Dragon fruits are unable to grow healthy due to dull weather, dry weather, or cool weather.

Once you cultivate yellow dragon fruits, it does not create any negative impact on the environment. Dragon fruit also never creates any harmful effect on the human body as well.

Benefits of incorporating yellow dragon fruit into agroforestry systems

Agroforestry systems are one of the alternatives that mainly promote the conservation of natural resources and the sustainable production of fruits. The primary purpose is to demonstrate the benefits of that particular product during their production system.

Using yellow dragon fruits, they do research. They found that this yellow dragon fruit consists of vitamin C and sufficient iron, which help the human body improve its immune system.

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Yellow dragon fruit is an exotic fruit, and the demand for this fruit is worldwide. Due to its flavor, quality, and components, people like this fruit the most! It contains glucose, vitamins, organic acids, and minerals, which create a good impact on the body! For more health benefits of dragon fruit click here Top 10 health benefits of dragon fruit?

Prospects and challenges for yellow dragon fruit cultivation!

Well, the demand for yellow dragon fruit is increasing day by day. So, the farmers in the USA also invest their money and time in cultivating more of these fruits. However, they are facing some challenges while growing these yellow dragon fruits. One of the main problems is insects.

Due to heavy rain, plants are affected by different types of insects, and it damages flowers and fruits. To avoid such problems, farmers need to monitor their plants daily. They have to use pest control and try to take care of their plants regularly.

They have to keep updating themselves and need to check new pest control formulas, which help to prevent yellow dragon fruits from any damage or insects. Also, budget matters. Many farmers don’t have much of a budget, which basically a farmer needs when they are planning to cultivate dragon fruits.

For that, they can apply for a loan. Yes, the government has already introduced different types of loans for their cultivation.

Anyone in their own indoor garden or outdoor garden can try to make dragon fruit plants. To grow dragon plants, they need to cut the flesh from dragon fruits and then collect some seeds. Rinse those seeds in your pot and provide water every day. You have to give a good soil mix to help roots grow fast.


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Yellow dragon fruit has a delightful taste, and its appearance is very striking. This fruit is always in high demand in the market because it has nutritional value. This fruit has many digestive components. It includes dietary fiber. If you want to maintain a healthy digestive system, then you must try yellow dragon fruit because it contains a valuable source of fiber.

It will also improve the immunity power. It also controls healthy blood pressure. There are many fields in the market where companies and researchers invest their time and money in yellow dragon fruits.

The demand is always high for this particular type of dragon fruit. Farmers must cultivate more and more yellow dragon fruit to maintain demand and supply. Try to collect information if you are utterly unknown in this field, and then prepare resources, lands, and other things, and start farming yellow dragon fruits.

It’s better to communicate or take advice from a person who already has solid knowledge about yellow dragon fruit cultivation or farming. Also, maintenance is essential if you are planning to get healthy yellow dragon fruits. Cutting unnecessary brush of plants, terrible parts make the plant take better.

You can also read our article and take guidance. For ordinary people, it is better to consume yellow dragon fruits more because they have a good impact on their bodies. For farmers, farming dragon plants is always helpful and profitable.

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