How to grow Corn Poppy and the Benefits of corn poppy

Corn Poppy

Corn poppy is commonly known as Corn Flower Poppy / common Poppy / Papaver Rhoeas / Wild Poppy. Corn Poppy is a widely spread weed of a poppy plant, corn Poppy is an edible plant and has a positive correlation with human health, corn Poppy is also grown for decorative purposes in gardens. Corn Poppy … Read more

Trifolium repens or White clover: How to grow & health benefits

White clover

Today we will discuss Trifolium repens commonly known as white clover. So white clover is in the pea family, Fabaceae and it’s in the genus Trifolium. So it has, three folium leaves and if you look at the three leaves you’ll see the three bright green triangles, and that will help take you into this … Read more

Crassula umbella: The Wine Cup Plant or wineglass Plant

Crassula umbella

Crassula umbella also known as wine cup plant or wineglass plant is from succulent species and belongs to the Crassulaceae family. Crassula umbella originates from the Cape Province of South Africa. This plant grabs the attention of Gardner for its unique appearance. The name “Wine cup or wineglass plant” is derived from its leaf shape. … Read more

How to grow Dictamnus albus and Is Dictamnus Albus toxic?

Dictamnus albus

Dictamnus albus is most commonly named as a gas plant but people call it a burning bush, fraxinella, dittany, or Mooseksenpalavapensas. Dictamnus albus is a perennial herbaceous plant native to Europe and Asia. It is from the citrus family Rutaceae. You can get it from any local botanical garden, under its Latin name of Dictamnus … Read more

Whale Fin Sansevieria Plant: Propagation, Care & Benefits

Whale Fin Sansevieria

Introducing Whale Fin Sansevieria In today’s blog, I will discuss the whale fin sansevieria which is also known as Sansevieria Masoniana or Mason’s Congo, but these plants are super cool they’re native to central Africa where very close to the equator. So it’s very hot very dry. Whale fin sansevieria gets their name from the … Read more

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