Pruning apple trees : Summer pruning vs winter pruning

Pruning apple trees : Summer pruning vs winter pruning

Pruning apple trees is an essential step that you need to do. If you want to see the appropriate apple tree cultivation and management, you should prune them. Sometimes, many people find pruning apple trees as the biggest challenging task. It is not a challenging task if you do it with full interest. Different gardeners … Read more

Gerbera gossypina : Eye-catching Hairy gerbera daisies

Gerbera gossypina

Do you know? Gerbera gossypina and hairy gerbera daisies describe the same plant species. You can see its unique appearance through its fluffy or hairy leaves. These daisies have become more famous for their unusual beauty when you compare them with other gerbera species. Before we get to know about its natural appearance, we have … Read more

Hypericum Hidcote or St John’s Wort: The ultimate info about the golden yellow flower:

Garden Glory: Hypericum Hidcote

The common name of Hypericum Hidcote is St. John’s Wort ‘Hidcote’. It is a popular dense, bushy evergreen ornamental shrub belonging to the Hypericaceae family. It is known for its bright golden yellow flower that blooms from late spring to early fall. Hypericum Hidcote or St. John’s Wort is a regional shrub in Asia. You … Read more

Rubus ellipticus: The Yellow Himalayan Raspberry

Rubus ellipticus: The Yellow Himalayan Raspberry

Rubus ellipticus commonly known as the Yellow Himalayan Raspberry or Golden evergreen Raspberry, is a wild berry variety. it is golden in color plump fruit, oval to conical in shape edible berry. The plant Rubus ellipticus or golden Himalayan Raspberry is a shrub having tiny dense prickles on the whole. The Rubus ellipticus is native … Read more

Mock strawberry , Potentilla indica , False Strawberries or Indian strawberry – edible wild plant

mock strawberry , Potentilla indica , False Strawberries or Indian strawberry – edible wild plant

Today we will talk about mock strawberry, if you find some berries like this growing in your yard or out in the wild and you want to know: is this a wild strawberry? Can I eat it? Or is it some little imposter? and unfortunately, I gotta tell you, it is the impostor or a … Read more

Senecio madagascariensis : History , Distinguishing Features , Growth calender and its Control

Senecio madagascariensis

Senecio madagascariensis is a flowering plant commonly known as Madagascar ragwort or fireweed. It is a genus Senecio plant that belongs to the daisy family Asteraceae. This plant produces yellow flowers and it is native to the mountainous, rocky area. The plant generally grows in disturbed areas like roadsides, agricultural fields, open woodland, waste areas, and … Read more

How to grow Corn Poppy and the Benefits of corn poppy

Corn Poppy

Corn poppy is commonly known as Corn Flower Poppy / common Poppy / Papaver Rhoeas / Wild Poppy. Corn Poppy is a widely spread weed of a poppy plant, corn Poppy is an edible plant and has a positive correlation with human health, corn Poppy is also grown for decorative purposes in gardens. Corn Poppy … Read more

Trifolium repens or White clover: How to grow & health benefits

White clover

Today we will discuss Trifolium repens commonly known as white clover. So white clover is in the pea family, Fabaceae and it’s in the genus Trifolium. So it has, three folium leaves and if you look at the three leaves you’ll see the three bright green triangles, and that will help take you into this … Read more

Vegetative buds and flower buds Difference between Vegetative Bud and Fruit Bud

Vegetative buds and flower buds

Before moving to the main topic “Vegetative buds and flower buds” we should have a short idea about What are buds. A bud is formed of continuously dividing tissue called meristematic tissue, these tissues are found in branches, stems, and tips of plants. this tissue helps in the growth of plants, the bud is also … Read more

Crassula umbella: The Wine Cup Plant or wineglass Plant

Crassula umbella

Crassula umbella also known as wine cup plant or wineglass plant is from succulent species and belongs to the Crassulaceae family. Crassula umbella originates from the Cape Province of South Africa. This plant grabs the attention of Gardner for its unique appearance. The name “Wine cup or wineglass plant” is derived from its leaf shape. … Read more

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