What is root rot: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Root rot

Today we’re going to talk all about root rot, what it is, and how to spot it. I am also going to show you how to remove it and how to prevent it. so what exactly is root rot well root rot is a pretty common disease found in both indoor and outdoor plants. This … Read more

Pink dragon fruit | Type | Botanical description

Pink dragon fruit

The pink dragon fruit is a kind of dragon fruit that appears pink in appearance from the shell. The pink dragon fruit is the primary fruit colour of a dragon fruit then after hybrid different colours and different tastes of dragon fruit are introduced. The pink dragon fruit is the one of a type within … Read more

Self-pollination: Type, Advantages and Disadvantages


Before knowing about self-pollination, we will have to read a little about pollination so that the concept of self-pollination will be clear. You can jump directly to your topic through the table of contents. Introduction to Pollination Flowers, Hey friends what comes to your mind when you think of flowers would it be the fragrance … Read more

How To Prune Fruit Trees | Why do we prune fruit trees?

How To Prune Fruit Trees

Today we will discuss about How To Prune Fruit Trees in a short blog . Pruning a fruit tree is one of the most difficult things for new gardeners to do because it just seems so difficult to chop up our precious babies like that but I’m here to tell you that proper pruning does … Read more

How to grow Blueberries Plants from Bought Blueberries

How to grow Blueberries Plants

In today’s Blog, I’m going to be showing you how to grow Blueberries Plants that you can get at the grocery store, in two super easy ways, depending on which one we’re using. we’re going to get more seeds to germinate than the other way. Blueberries are not only delicious but also rich in nutrients … Read more

How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana | A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana

Hi guys we’re going to discuss “How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana” and going to bring some tropical foliage into the Garden today. I’ll show you how to grow a banana tree from scratch. Don’t worry I’ll guide you through each phase. Okay, let’s start placing your bananas to one side as we’ll first … Read more

Brown Rot on Peach Trees: Effective Prevention Techniques

Brown Rot on Peach Trees

So brown rot on peach trees is a major worldwide disease. It is very common on stone fruits like peaches plums and apricots. Brown rot is caused by a microscopic fungus called Monilinia. This fungus damages blossoms, twigs, green fruit, mature fruit, and even fruit after harvest it produces tiny spores in spring and throughout … Read more

Top 10 health benefits of dragon fruit?

health benefits of dragon fruit

This is a small blog on the “health benefits of dragon fruit”.The dragon fruit is the fruit of the cactus family, it is called that dragon fruit is the most beautiful fruit in the cactus family. In the Latin American language, it is called Pithaya and worldwide it is famous as dragon fruit. The dragon … Read more

4 Types ofย Pruning Cuts, Demonstrated & Explained

pruning cuts

Have you ever looked at a tree or shrub in your garden and thought whoa this is getting too tall too wide or too dense pruning helps solve these problems by removing branches or parts of branches to achieve the structure that you want. If you remove no more than one-third of a tree or … Read more

Air Layering Fruit Trees | Clone a fruit tree by Air Layering method

air layering of plant

What is Air Layering? Air Layering is a method used to produce genetically identical copies of a plant, by rooting a young branch of a mother plant. This method of cloning plants is an alternative to rooting cuttings and it’s essentially foolproof. Since the development of roots happens while the air layer remains attached to … Read more