How to grow Blueberries Plants from Bought Blueberries

In today’s Blog, I’m going to be showing you how to grow Blueberries Plants that you can get at the grocery store, in two super easy ways, depending on which one we’re using. we’re going to get more seeds to germinate than the other way.

Blueberries are not only delicious but also rich in nutrients like antioxidants, making them a favorite among health-conscious individuals. What if I told you that you could enjoy these tasty berries straight from your own garden? Self-pollination

Although in both cases the plants are going to come out ahead, we must bear in mind that the fewer competitors the seed has at the time of birth, the greater the number of plants. we are going to be taking out, and for both one method and the other I am going to tell you always recommend that

Choosing the Right Blueberries

You look for the largest blueberry that you can find in the tray to be planting, usually not many large ones come but since we are going to take all this time to take out the seeds, plant them, and make these little plants grow.

How to grow Blueberries Plants
Choosing the Right Blueberries

Let’s go to select the best ones, I am going to leave these four to do the sowing method with the slice. because we are going to need more space since in this case, we are going to have a competition for the microorganisms that are mainly going to be the fungi that are going to be competing with the little seeds. How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana 

How to grow Blueberries Plants
Picking up healthy and bigger one

Preparing Your Blueberry Seeds

Sowing of the seeds after extraction of the pulp

I am going to be doing the first method of a total extraction of the pulp and juices to keep only the seeds, but I separate it here and we are going to go with the method that is the one that has been working best for me for all the germination of these blueberries.

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I added a lot of water until approximately to the middle of the container because the idea now is to make pulses, of this type and release and release. After all, in this way, we are going to be breaking the pulp and the seeds are going to be released. Top 10 health benefits of dragon fruit?

How to grow Blueberries Plants
Pouring into jar
How to grow Blueberries Plants
breaking the pulp
How to grow Blueberries Plants
Juice along with seed
How to grow Blueberries Plants
seeds along with a little pulp

we let it rest for a little while so that the seeds that are more heavy ones go to the bottom, and we are going to start to extract all this juice that began to form, as in the case of the strawberry we are going to be finding down there, with part of the pulp and look back, all the seeds, Self-pollination

I add water again so that everything moves well and always with a good movement we are going to remove the pulp that remains floating, some little seeds are gone, but later we can rescue them, and look what we find in the Bottom line, I am going to do a couple more washes to remove all this pulp that I have left keep only the little seeds,

How to grow Blueberries Plants
after removal of all pulp seeds left

we are going to separate the remaining pulp from the seeds because it is in this part of the fruit where we are going to have all the sugars that the fungi are going to be looking for to grow and they are going to compete a lot at the moment of germination of the blueberry seeds.

Already at the bottom, I have all the little seeds ready so that we can sow them, but First, I am going to recommend that you leave them on a paper napkin so that you can finish separating all the remains of pulp that may have remained.

How to grow Blueberries Plants
Seeds on a paper napkin

If you cannot sow them the same day that you are removing the seeds, once z that they have dried and you have them very clean, you can keep them in the paper napkin for about a month, but I will always recommend that you sow them as soon as possible because they are a very small seed, I am going to let them dry . 4 Types of Pruning Cuts, Demonstrated & Explained

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Sowing of the slices without extraction of seeds

We are going to see the other method to do the seeding and to do the sowing of the slices, a cut is made in the middle in this way and very slowly to try not to cut any of the little seeds in this way.

How to grow Blueberries Plants
sowing of the slices

I do not recommend it because there are going to be many hidden seeds on this side that are going to have a hard time competing with the fungus. In this way, we are going to give them more surface area so that they can come out, and as soon as we have no more competitors they start to germinate.

Although it is a much easier method because we are only going to have to cut the blueberry, the problem we are going to have is that after we have planted it, as we are leaving all the sugared pulp, this is going to bring the growth of fungi.

Germination Techniques of Blueberries Plants

I already have the material to sow, on the one hand, the seed is totally clean and has no pulp, and on the other hand, for the slices that we are also going to be planting, I am going to use two containers with a lid in such a way that I can leave them closed to keep the humidity

How to grow Blueberries Plants
the seed has no pulp, and on the other hand, the slices with seed
How to grow Blueberries Plants
two containers

As a substrate, I am going to recommend some compost if it has organic matter. it will be much better and the important thing is that it is well loosened because in this way we will be achieving better aeration. After all, when the little plants start to germinate the roots are very small. We are going to need them to be able to remove the nutrients and moisture from the soil as best I can,

I’m going to fill them up to about an inch or so high to give the plant room to develop once it’s germinated. Note that it is super loose and this is very important, once I get to the measure I will hardly be pressing with the spoon and the idea is that it will be very uniform, but it has to be a slight pressure.

We do not want to leave a very compact floor because It will cost a lot for these roots to be able to enter the substrate, I already have the two trays prepared, the only thing that is missing now is before sowing irrigation

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How to grow Blueberries Plants
Container filled with compost and maintaining moisture

I am going to recommend that you do it with very fine rain and the idea is that it gets wet no more than a centimeter but that the substrate below is total as it was before putting it in the trays.

As they are going to be in a closed container this water is going to be evaporating and condensing and it falls again, In this way we make sure we have a good level of humidity throughout the germination process.

first, we are going to plant the slices and we are going to make just a few holes in the substrate so that they are well placed. We are going to put them on in this way so that they are well at the level of the substrate.

As it is you have two options leave them in this way which was the one that brought me the best result, and if not you can cover it with a very thin layer of soil.

How to grow Blueberries Plants
Blueberries slices with seed

on the other hand, I have all the dry seeds without the pulp and to sow them directly we are going to spread them over the substrate in this way.

If you want to go a little further, note that there are different types of seed sizes and you can separate the largest ones into one container and the rest you leave in another so that in this way you are making a selection of your plants from the beginning.

Once we plant it I will be supporting it directly with my finger and we will not add any substrate to that in this way the seed comes into contact and begins to moisten.

How to grow Blueberries Plants
sowing dry seeds without the pulp

I already have the two methods in operation on the one hand the seeds without pulp and on the other hand we have the slices with the seeds.

So that they begin to germinate, two little trays We are going to take them to a place that is well-lit and warm inside the house because when they begin to germinate we are going to want as much light as possible to reach them. so that this whole growth process accelerates until we have the plants ready to do the transplant,

The advantage that we are going to have when we do the sowing directly without the pulp is that in this case, the seed is going to start to germinate without having any competitor and the growth is going to accelerate much more.

That is why in this case and this is a tray that I made from the seeds without the pulp, we managed to have much larger plants and a greater number of plants because

How to grow Blueberries Plants
sowing directly without the pulp

When we sow with the pulp, all the fruit that remains without the seed is a source of food because not only is it going to have a good amount of sugar but it is also going to be giving it extra moisture so that the mushrooms start to grow.

How to grow Blueberries Plants
mushrooms start to grow when we sow with the pulp

All the white pulp that we had began to turn darker and darker until we began to see the growth of fungi. This is the problem for which many of the seeds are going to be dying and we are going to see much fewer seeds germinate.

This originated from slices and compared when we sow only with the seeds and that is why I am going to recommend that you do the sowing directly with the seeds without the pulp.

How to grow Blueberries Plants
when we sow with the pulp
How to grow Blueberries Plants
with pulp or without pulp seeds container

So that this way you have a much larger number of blueberry plants in your home. You can prepare a big plant on the farm or in a pot by transplanting a small plant. Hope you liked this small blog of ours on “How to grow blueberry plants from Bought Blueberries”

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