How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana | A Step-by-Step Guide

Hi guys we’re going to discuss “How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana” and going to bring some tropical foliage into the Garden today. I’ll show you how to grow a banana tree from scratch. Don’t worry I’ll guide you through each phase.

Okay, let’s start placing your bananas to one side as we’ll first prepare the decoction. A top hack is to store onions in a nylon. Stocking this ensures freshness. Onions will rot if stored in a box or enclosed space. The best way is to make sure that air can be circulated to them.

  • Grab a plant pot big enough for the onions to fit into place. The onions and excess husks into the pot. Give each onion a rub to remove the older husk. Put the cleaned onions to one side these will be used later in the process.
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
onion husks
  • Come on to the kitchen and place the husks into a boiling pan of water. Press down the cover and leave to boil. Onion husks containing phytoncides. Phytoncides help to prevent fungal and bacterial diseases within plants.
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
onion husks
  • It’s ready and removed from the Heat. uncover and leave to cool While cooling let’s collect two Aloe vera leaves, and cut off the leaves from the bottom of the plant. aloe juice has back-to-recital properties that protect plants and help to develop strong and healthy roots.How to grow Blueberries Plants from Bought Blueberries
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Aloe vera plant
  • Cut off one banana from the bunch making sure the neck of the banana is left intact. strain the cooled onion husk broth into a glass. put the banana into the glass neck first. leave to soak for 10 minutes this allows enough time for the microelements to be absorbed.
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Soaking the banana in husk broth glass
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Aloe chop and dice into smaller pieces
  • Finely chop and dice the onions don’t touch your eyes at this part. scrape them into the same holding container they all go and we’re ready to start to prepare the soil.
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
chop and dice the onions
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Pouring into the container
  • A useful hack when opening a bag of soil is to cut the bag crosswise. The soil will completely and easily fall away from the bag. rub the soil through your hands to loosen any thick clumps add and mix everything this will eventually rot down and release vital nutrients. Which will help the new plant grow pour the soil into a medium plant pot so that the young Roots can feed and grow.
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
add onion chop+ aloe chop to the soil
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Mixing of soil + onion chop+ aloe chop
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Filling of pot with mixed material
  • Slice through the middle of the aloe leaf and back to the top layer. remove the soaking banana and gently rub the cut tip into the aloe juice until the tip and neck are fully covered with the juice.
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Slice through the middle of the aloe leaf
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
gently rub the banana cut tip into the aloe juice
  • Secure the Banana by firmly pressing the soil to seal it in place pour the remaining onion decoction all around the banana. add a sprinkling of water to fully hydrate the soil. Cover the pot with a bag or cellophane to create a greenhouse effect
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
inserting the banana into pot soil
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
pouring of the remaining onion decoction
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
sprinkle the water to maintain the moisture content
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Cover the pot with a bag
  • Now you’re here once most of the work’s done remember to keep watering otherwise the soil will dry out do this for between 25 days to a month
  • Let’s see what’s been happening, we’ve got a sprout. Remove any stray weeds. Now we need to replant into a larger pot and soak the soil around the plant this will make it easier to remove the plant plus we don’t want to damage the plant or roots
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
soaking the soil around the plant
  • Carefully push the soil away whilst delicately pulling the plant their fingers to wiggle the roots free from the soil. Time and patience are needed at this crucial replanting stage and it’s free and intact. spray to clean off any clumps of residual soil do this with low pressure spray.Self-pollination
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Roots of banana
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
pray to clean off any clumps of residual soil
  • I think we’re almost done with the cleaning now it’s time to get those hands dirty to prepare the soil for a large pot. The first layer is two-part soil next is one part sand evenly distributed to cover the previous layer next layer is the finely chopped aloe which acts as a compost once again spread around that.
  • It doesn’t Clump in one area. the final layers of two parts coconut substrate or kawar kawar are slow to decompose and retain the right amount of water for the plant to grow.
  • Hollow out a hole large enough for the replanting carefully plant and secure by pressing the mulch in place making sure the roots are fully covered moisten the soil and remember to keep watering as the plant has a high growth rate. 4 Types of Pruning Cuts, Demonstrated & Explained
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Re-plantation in a larger pot
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Maintaining moisture content
  • 40 days have passed, let’s see what we have here during this period. Spray the leaves to keep them moist and regularly water the plant. This will make the plant feel as though it’s growing in its natural habitat large green leaves and a thick strong stalk indicate a healthy plant.
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
40-day banana plant
How to Grow Banana Trees from Banana
Spraying the leaves to keep them moist

Did you know that although we call this a banana tree, it’s grass that’s why it grows so quickly? They can reach their full height in around nine months reaching a height of up to six meters just a few cool facts for you. Yellow Dragon Fruit: History, Type, Uses, Propagation

It’s important to keep regularly watering the plant. After three months you should have your very own large banana tree. It brings a tropical feel to any Garden. I seem to have done all the work throughout this blog maybe.

How do you get seeds from bananas?

Usually Commercial bananas have no seeds. For propagation purposes cloning or tissue culture is used. If you are interested in growing bananas from seed, you can try a wild or ornamental variety of bananas. To extract the banana’s seeds you have to scoop them out from the banana fruit flesh, wash the seeds to remove the remaining pulp, and dry them before planting.

Can you root a banana in water?

Yes, we can root a banana in water. Bananas prefer well-drained soil for optimal growth. You have to follow the following steps. Take a small sucker or cutting which has been growing from the base of the banana plant. Prepare the cutting by 8-10 inches in length.

Remove excess leaves from the lower stem. Place the cutting in the container of water. Change the water regularly to prevent stagnation and other bacterial growth. Usually, it takes 1-2 weeks to grow new roots. After the root develops transplant the cutting into a well-drained soil pot or farm.

What is the method of banana planting?

Choose a site that receives 7-8 hours of sunlight and the soil should be well-drained or loamy soil. PH of soil should be around 6-7. Prepare the soil by adding organic matter such as compost.

Choose a plant you can use a plant sucker (A small shoot growing from the base of the existing banana plant or you can choose a small plant banana from the nursery. Or you can grow banana plants from bananas already shared full methodology above.

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After that Dig a hole according to the root’s size and firmly place the plant inside of the hole subsequently backfill the hole with the same soil extracted from the hole.
Spacing should be around 4-5 feet but usually, the spacing of plants depends on the size of the variety. Water the plant thoroughly till the settlement of newly placed soil. Keep the soil consistently moist but do not waterlogged by overly watering.

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You can provide mulching around the base of the plant to maintain moisture content. You can use organic mulch like Straw or wood chips. You can also use balanced fertilizer for the growth of the plant. Bananan are heavy feeders and you can get the benefit of regular feeding of fertilizer which has higher potassium percentages.

You have to provide support for the plant to avoid toppling but it depends on variety and location. Most of the support required during fruiting time
By following these steps you can grow a healthy plant.

What is the best month to plant bananas?

Bananas prefer a warm climate. In tropical or sub-tropical regions. you can grow the banana throughout the year as long as the conditions are favorable. The best time for this location is in the rainy season because it provides adequate moisture for the growth of bananas.

In cooler climate regions the best time is spring or early summer as the threat of frost has passed and the soil has warmed up.

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How long do bananas take to grow?

Usually, it takes 9-12 months from planting to harvest . However, it can also vary due to climate conditions, variety of plants, type of soil, and cultural practice.

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