Pink dragon fruit | Type | Botanical description

The pink dragon fruit is a kind of dragon fruit that appears pink in appearance from the shell. The pink dragon fruit is the primary fruit colour of a dragon fruit then after hybrid different colours and different tastes of dragon fruit are introduced. The pink dragon fruit is the one of a type within the dragon fruit family.

The scientific name of the pink dragon fruit is Hylocereus undatus.

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Type of pink dragon fruit

The Dragon fruit comes in different varieties pink dragon fruit is one of them. The dragon fruit is distinguished from their pulp colour or the colour of its outer covering. The plant of all varieties of pink dragon fruit looks similar. The pink dragon fruit is distinguished in different varieties as

Pink skin white pulp

The dragon fruit has an outer covering of light pink colour and green colour scales it as the scales of a dragon on the middle cut pulp are seen as white with black small seeds in it.

Pink dragon fruit

Pink skin Pink pulp

The type of dragon fruit has a Pink outer shell with greenish scales in it, cutting the visible pulp in red or dark purple colour with tiny black seeds embedded in it.

Red skin pink pulp

The dragon fruit with dark red outer covering and green leafy structure scales in it with pulp a mixture of white and red colour and black seeds scattered simultaneously in the pulp part. Yellow Dragon Fruit

Pink dragon fruit

Botanical description of Pink dragon fruit plant


It is fast fast-growing climber plant.  The pink dragon fruit plant forms aerial roots that adhere and climb and keep erected, the support system is needed to climb upward. It also contains sarp spines and some varieties are also available which are spineless.

Pink dragon fruit


the flowers of the dragon fruit are large hermaphrodite and extremely showy. The flower of dragon fruit is whitish and some flowers have a little yellow shade. The dragon fruit flower is very fragrant and nocturnal and bell-shaped structure. The dragon fruit flower opens only for one night, it only opens for pollination for the only night and at the sun’s light it gets closed. Pollination is difficult in dragon fruit, whether done by bats or manually.

Pink dragon fruit flower

Fruit morphology

The pink dragon fruit is a medium to large oblong-shaped fruit. The pink dragon fruit shell may be dark pink, light pink or red depending on the variety. The dragon fruit changes its shell primarily it is or whole green colour and near to ripening it becomes pink, or red. The pulp colour and water content in pulp depend on the variety of dragon fruit.

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Pink dragon fruit

Conditions for Dragon Fruit Plant Growth

The dragon fruit plant is a desert-origin plant, the proper sunlight, sun shade and temperature (20 -30) degrees Celsius are needed for the growth of the dragon fruit plant.

Vegetative buds and flower buds Difference between Vegetative Bud and Fruit Bud

Excessive rain is harmful to plant growth, the dragon fruit plant root can rot in high water into the soil or in excessive rain, the flowers of dragon fruit shred in heavy or excessive rain and sometimes the fruit rots. The soil needed for dragon fruit plant should have slightly acidic soil, it can tolerate some salts in the soil.

Pests control of pink dragon fruit plant

Dragon fruit is comparatively free from pests, but commonly seen insects which can affect dragon fruit plant crops or dragon fruit are ants, scales, insects, snails, birds, rats, fruit flies, and caterpillars. The dragon plant is mainly free from disease and insect insertion only affected by outer flies.

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Economic status of red/pink dragon fruit

The pink dragon fruit is nowadays more popular and trending in the market because of its unique appearance and the inside colour of the pulp. The dragon fruit structure attracts customers and the pulp pigmentation of red/ pink dragon fruit has a very high market demand mainly used in salad and the form of food decorative presentation. In the European market, the pink dragon fruit are mainly brought for their beauty and used for decoration purposes.

Health benefits of pink dragon fruit

The health benefits of dragon fruit are so many, specifically, the red dragon fruit is more popular for its red pigmentation which is highly rich in iron and helps in maintaining blood cells. The red dragon fruit contains many nutrients that help in the cardiac system, rich fibres of pink dragon fruit help in digestion by flurishing digestive flora. The antioxidative property of pink dragon fruit helps in patients suffering from cancer. Read more about Top 10 health benefits of dragon fruit?